Sebago Shoe Care Guide

Whether you have a pair of our classic boat shoes or leather citysides loafers, you want to keep them in top condition for years to come. Here are five tips to help you do just that. Please note, this should only be used as a guide for our leather shoes and suede shoes if there are any inquiries regarding our shoes please contact customer services for further help. 


1. Clean Them Regularly

The first step in taking care of your Sebago shoes is to keep them clean. Dirt and grime can damage the leather or fabric, so it's important to wipe them down regularly. Use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner, such as a leather conditioner, to remove dirt and stains. A soft brush can also be used to help remove any unwanted dirt.


2. Protect Them from the Elements

Sebago shoes are made to be worn in all types of weather, but they still need protection from the elements. If you know it's going to rain or you are near water, spray your shoes with a waterproofing spray to help repel water and prevent damage. 

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3. Store Them In A Cool Dry Place

When you're not wearing your Sebago shoes, store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or in damp areas, as this can cause the leather or fabric to dry out and crack.


4. Rotate Your Shoes

Rotating your shoes gives them time to rest and helps to preserve their shape. If you wear the same pair every day, the leather or fabric may start to stretch and lose its shape. Try to switch up your shoes every few days to give them time to rest. You can also place a shoehorn in your moccasins to keep its shape until you are ready to wear it again.


5. Repair Them Quickly

If you notice any damage to your Sebago shoes, it's important to repair them quickly. This can help prevent further damage and extend the life of your shoes. If you're not sure how to repair them, take them to a professional shoe repair shop for help.