Sebago Yacht Club presents: Justin Portess

Products Featured:

1. Sloop Waxed Leather Loafer, 2. Stockon Sweater, 3. Nubblenight Blazer Jacket


Justin Portess

Sebago Yacht Club introduces Justin Portess, a veteran of the British Army, had spent years immersed in the vastness of the great outdoors. In the army, swift movements are critical, leaving no room for contemplation or leisurely exploration. However, after leaving the military, Justin discovered a newfound appreciation for the unbridled spirit of adventure, whether on land or sea. It's become an intrinsic part of his identity. 



This desire for escapism and adventure is echoed through the fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance showcased through the brand's exquisite craftsmanship. These distinct ensembles, juxtaposed against the Norfolk Coastline, testify to the brand's remarkable adaptability. Tradition and craftsmanship intertwine, illustrating the captivating fusion of Justin's adventurous soul and the brand's enduring style, forging a memorable connection between the audience and the allure of boundless exploration.


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Products Featured:

1. Portland Martellato Boat Shoes, 2. Sloop Waxed Leather Loafer, 3. Augusta Shirt, 4. Overhand Holdall, 5. Stockon Sweater, 6. Lilibay Shirt,

7. Dockside Portland Jib Suede Boat Shoe


The Norfolk Coast

Sebago Yacht Club aims to celebrate the versatility of the Sebago range, representing the Club’s enthusiastic community that believe in genuine things and premium quality. The shoot took place along the Norfolk Coast – one of the most beautiful Coast Lines in the United Kingdom. Our sailing partner will be the Coastal Exploration Co, who focus on the rich, local maritime history and use beautiful, traditional wooden fishing boats. This passion for the local environment is shared with the proposed model, Justin, who is an advocate for the great outdoors as well as a stylish man-about-town.


Products featured:

1. Connor Pennant Cap, 2. Sheepshank Wool Jumper


The vision for this shoot is to capture the narrative of “land to sea”. The story will begin on land with Justin making his way to port styled with a nod to the brand’s ivy league roots, with a mixture of relaxed tailoring, casual wear, and classic loafers. It will move into classic “off-shore” focused garments like the Shetland jumper, chino shorts, and of course, the iconic boat shoe. The combination of these two looks in different locations will demonstrate the brand’s adaptability, pairing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elegance.


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