Sebago Yearbook Launch


Join us at Clutch Cafe 6pm on Friday 15th December to celebrate the launch of Sebago’s new Yearbook and get a FREE copy! ⁠ 

The yearbook features contributions by some familiar names such as W.David Marx, Fei Wang (Mr Slowboy), Jeff Carvalho and Jian DeLeon. Plus, essays on Ivy Style, the classic Sebago Dan Loafer, and a look into life in Maine.


Almost 80 years since it was first founded by three friends, Sebago is thrilled to announce the highly awaited release of its very first Year Book: an exclusive publication dedicated to loyal fans of the legendary New England brand, fashion aficionados, and, more generally, anyone who simply has a taste for the finer things in life. From its Maine origins to the iconic shoes and diverse communities that have shaped Sebago’s history and propelled its distinctive style to cult status, the 2023 Sebago Year Book is a celebration of everything the brands stands for, as told through the eyes of esteemed writers and editors, business owners and members of the prestigious Sebago Yacht Club.


First up is a glimpse into the history of a timeless shoe that is integral to Sebago’s journey as a brand that stands for quality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance, the penny loafer. A shoe that became an integral component of the Ivy League uniform: an entire way of dressing whose colourful history is deftly explored through a fascinating insight into the clubs and crews that made it famous, its codification into an easily accessible style that went on to transcend cultures and trends, and the witty illustrations by Mr. Slowboy that instantly bring Sebago’s preppy ethos to life.



No shoe reflects Sebago’s commitment to enduring quality and unwavering passion for the ocean like its iconic Docksides. The brand’s 2023 Year Book delves into the precision, care and expertise behind its coveted boat shoe, lovingly transformed by the hands of Sebago artisans from a single piece of leather into a true lifelong companion. The humble beach bag also makes an appearance, paying homage to Sebago’s thirst for freedom, escape and sea air. 

But Sebago isn’t just about shoes, clothes and accessories. It’s much more than that. Sebago represents an entire way of living and a deep appreciation for a life filled with beauty and pleasure: from eating well, to drinking well and, of course, dressing well, all in the company of good friends. A notion perfectly embodied by the Negroni Sbagliato, whose origins are explored through an exclusive interview at the very birthplace of the Milanese aperitivo.



A true tribute to Sebago’s rich heritage wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Maine, where the brand was first founded back in 1946. From rugged coastlines to golden foliage, quintessential fishing ports and azure lakes: journey through the spectacular landscapes that inspired the brand’s authentic approach to fashion and shaped its iconic outdoorsy range, not forgetting a deep dive into the heart of Maine’s culinary history with a taste of its delicious lobster roll.

The 2023 Sebago Year Book comes to a close with a selection of interviews with members of the Sebago Yacht Club: a passionate community of individuals who share Sebago’s unfaltering focus on quality, authenticity and integrity.