SYC: Zach Zono x Sebago

Zach Zono is a London based self-taught painter born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. His expansive, abstract paintings are densely layered and richly textured meditations on memories, they reflect his fascination with colour and form, which is evident throughout his current practice.


Zach is wearing Gilead jumper, Doubling stripe shirt and Classic Dans


Zono's work is a meditation on the sensation of memory and existence. His paintings are based on internal experiences manifested in different ways. Zono’s intuitive approach to painting translates his lived experience in the world onto the canvas, creating complex and distinctive compositions. They can be viewed as a map of the mind, a landscape documenting the passage of time while retaining the fluidity of an idea or feeling. Each painting captures a moment in time rather than chronicling events, transitions that transcend thought and feeling.


 1. Lowell Beanie 2. Doubling Shirt 3. Gilead Jumper


The organic forms and vivid hues in Zono's work are somewhat of an ode to his life in Cape Town. By utilising his large-scale works as a medium for experimentation, Zach’s pieces capture an audience’s attention by creating an atmosphere that can only be experienced in person.


Zach’s words:

Teaming up with Sebago, a brand with such a rich history spanning nearly a century, feels like stepping into a timeless adventure! 

The classic loafer, my ultimate shoe, not only shines on the city streets but also gets down and dirty in the studio as my trusty paint partner. 

My first loafers were the Sebago Dan all-black loafer, they have seen it all, from wild nights around town to unforgettable moments, making it more than just a shoe—it's a keeper of tales and a vessel of memories.




1. Lowell beanie hat 2. Gilead jumper 3. Classic Dan Loafer