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Classic Dan Leather Loafer Brown Burgundy

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Classic Dan Leather Loafer Reviews

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

Classic Dan Leather Loafer
Product: Classic Dan Leather Loafer Colour: Brown Burgundy Price: £210.00
  • Earl Beaumont

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Perfect shoe, quick to break in, lovely leather, worth the money
    Posted on 31st May 2024
  • Lance Hollis

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Nice looking loafer Slightly tighter than earlier USA made variety so will need a bit more breaking in
    Posted on 24th May 2024
  • Peter

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    perfectly made classic
    Posted on 19th May 2024
  • ST

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    I love Sebago loafers, my second pair.
    Posted on 9th April 2024
  • Stelios Milonakis

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    After buying these shoes for years, I am now finding they have changed the width and are narrower than before. As for value for money at an eye watering price of £210 in UK is daylight robbery!!
    Posted on 5th April 2024
  • William Pain

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Great product and service.
    Posted on 8th February 2024
  • Peter C.

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    They are my favourite shoes. I’ve been wearing Classic Dans for over 30 years and I keep coming back to them.
    Posted on 28th December 2023
  • Patrick Laurence

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    The colour was not the same as on the website
    Posted on 24th December 2023
  • Sunday akande

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    You people are horrible to me. I bought this shoe and I said I need a change of colour but you refuse. What comment are you expect from me. Just live me alone please
    Posted on 23rd December 2023
  • Bob Charters

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    At this moment in time they are still a Vhristmas present, therefore I am unable to comment further
    Posted on 3rd December 2023
  • Mr peter bishop

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Excellent shoes
    Posted on 29th November 2023
  • CRH

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    In all honesty these classic loafers should probably be a 5 but I’m being pedantic. Because they’re not Cordovan but a calf leather homage. That being said for the price and the way that these wear they are extremely good value. The calf leather does a curious thing in almost mimicking the “roll” rather than creasing. Not quite sure how they’ve achieved this but from a distance they look great. My only other point of detraction is less the loafer themselves and more the fact that I’ve been cursed with high arches. So loafers in general are a love/hate style for me. They go through periods of being extremely comfortable but can also veer to too tight/loose depending on a number of factors. That being said the Dan is the most comfortable loafer I’ve ever owned for the most part.
    Posted on 23rd November 2023
  • Pete

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Best Shoes Ever
    Posted on 22nd November 2023
  • Peter Beaven

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    These shoes needed stretching to fit even Though I ordered a size larger. But once stretched a perfect shoe.
    Posted on 15th November 2023
  • Nigel Huggins

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    These shoes come up 2 maybe 3 half sizes smaller than stated. Having therefore ordered something which simply does not fit, I am expected to pay for the return. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY - BE WARNED. Caveat emptor.
    Posted on 7th November 2023
  • Dave Wood

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    I have worn size 11 UK shoe for over 30 years, so I know that these Sebago shoes are the wrong size. They are more like a 12 UK. I can't wear them despite using heel grips. They are an excellent shoe and a lovely design, but I will never be able to wear them again and I can't return them, because I have wore them once.
    Posted on 5th November 2023
  • M.J.Rice

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Great shoe,tight fit but will give.
    Posted on 10th October 2023
  • Kevin Thomas

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Price reduced by £ 85.00 the day after purchase will never buy another product from sebago and will warn others
    Posted on 5th September 2023
  • Andy

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Absolutely love these loafers. Been wearing them for 25 years & have 4 pairs!
    Posted on 19th May 2023
  • Jim Gill

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Sebago
    Amazing shoes!
    Posted on 28th March 2023
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Product Features

Product Features

Made of smooth corrected grain leather to stand the test of time and hand-sewn with the finest craftsmanship, these 4 seasons slip on beefroll penny loafer mocs come with upper unlined, leather sock lining and waterproof, flexible and durable natural leather soles with moulded rubber heel. The “Dan” loafers are a homage to the passion of the Sebago founders.

The loafers feature a small notch known as a "gentleman's notch" or "gentleman's corner" to help prevent the heel from getting caught on or snagging your trousers.

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