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The classic loafer, part of the Citysides range, has been the heart of the Sebago collection since 1946.

The Citysides range offers premium materials and superior design, with comfortable fit and beautiful details. Whether you’re indulging your adventurous spirit or simply looking for comfortable suit shoes, the Citysides range will meet your needs.

Whether you want to wear your Sebago loafers with a suit, or a more casual look, the iconic cut offers comfort and elegance.

That is why they have been a favourite of style icons throughout the years, from JFK and Steve McQueen to Pharrell Williams and David Beckham.

The Citysides range includes:

  • Sebago loafers for men
  • Sebago loafers for women
  • Sebago dan loafers


Ever since the Citysides range was launched, they have been handsewn, using superior leather in the uppers. And that is still the case today. Every pair of Sebago Citysides is created by expert craftsmen.

Be inspired by the roots of Sebago. Choose a shoe that looks just as good with formal or casual wear. Choose Citysides today.

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